Off to the Okavango Delta

Last week was amazing! One of the reasons i came to Africa!
And this could only mean… Animals!
We left Swakopmund and went to Spitzkoppe, which has also been called the Matterhorn of Africa. It was pretty hot out there – no water available at all! But at least the night hacve gotten warmer and i’m comfortable enough in pjs and my sleeping bag without liner. The days are very hot – low 30’s, and wind-less so the only breeze we egt is when the truxck is driving.
In spitzkoppe we had a punch party which was done with the fines collected for calling the truck a ‘bus’, which got most people quite drunk, leading to a lot of sleepy heads on the next morning drive (including yours truly). We went to a cheetah park which was A-MAZING! the people had 3 tame cheetahs which we got to pet, and then we went out to see the ‘wild’ ones get fed donkey meat, and then we saw some babies. It was so adorable! Alex, if you’re reading this, you would’ve loved it!
And from thereon we went to Etosha National Park, where we did one afternoon game drive and the whole of the next day. We saw a black and a white rhino, lots of elephants, giraffes, zebras, springbok, kudu, hartebeest, ostrich, warthog, jackals, and german tourists. But i went all snap-happy and already have over 1000 pictures! Namibia is absolutely beautiful!! I would highly recommend it. Very poor though, it’s mostly arid desert and has about 2million people. Which is why Botswana will be a massive contrast – it has the fastest growing economy in the world over the last 40 years due to booming diamond trade.
I can’t seem to upload any pictures, so i’ll probably add a lot at Victoria falls in about a week.
Hope everyone’s well!
Love love

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