The past 6 days have been… interesting.
Botswana was the first country we entered where we heard people speaking a foreign language more often, as Afrikaans is usually the language used in Namibia too. But you can see that it has an up-and-coming economy, and that the government puts a lot of money into programs fighting aids (40% of its budget in 2001). There are about 11-15 different tribes here but the main language is Tsetwana.
The main events here have been going into the Okavango Delta and Chobe national park.
We went into the Okavango in Mokoros, which i felt very unstable in both others didn’t seem to mind. The weather has finally gotten relentlessly hot, being pleasant in the evenings, but mid 30’s from 10 onwards. In the delta we did a few walks, where we saw zebra, elephants, kudu, impala etc. You can tell that they’re a lot wilder because they are so scared of humans! And then at night we did a “cruise” to see some hippos and probably the most beautifully bright red sunset i’ve ever seen. Our polers (2 people to a mokoro and 1 person poling) danced for us in the evening and to reciprocate we did sumemr loving by grease (very poorly), a camp skit which they loved and the macarena!
However, on the way back, when we were on the truck from the mokoros back to camp (not our usual one, but one of the delta rain, the company that organized it for us) we managed to get bogged down in the mud. No phone reception and no luck pushing, another company’s truck drove past. They tried so hard to pull our’s out, that they got stuck too!!!
Finally, one of the locals picked us up on his 4×4 (without our gear) (he had a fresh goat’s head in the back might i add) and we managed to get on another truck belonging to delta rain, and just about made it back in time to catch the scenic flight across the delta.
We did a 45 minute fight over like 1/4 of it, and it made me appreciate how vast the whole thing was!
The next day was an early start, but as if tension in camp was high enough, we didn’t leave early enough! Our trip leader had trouble getting signal, and therefore we were 15 minutes late for our sunset cruise on the Chobe river! We managed to get on the boat at another jetty but we were not happy with our trip leader’s organizational skills. Lots of complaining!
That night we went for a late night swim (circumstances remain undisclosed) and we saw this massive heard of elephants crossing like 500m away from us! It was so scary but impressive! We were trying to be as quite as possible not to attract them but the jack russel managed to scare 2 of them off 🙂
The next day tension was still riding high, we weren’t happy at all about one person’s behaviour as well as the trip leader’s so our chobe overnight was probably the best money spent ever. Chobe is probably my favorite park out of all of them so far, and we saw a leopard! The camping was like 5* colonial-esque, being waited on and we had beds in tents! Didn’t see very much in the morning, sadly enough.

So now we’re in Zimbabwe, losing 6 of our team, though we’re going rafting on the zambezi tomorrow and a bungee jump awaits on sunday! Exciting!!!

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