Zambia and Malawi

Sorry for being MIA the past 2 weeks.
Basically the white water rafting was one ofthe best days ofthe trip so far. We had a boat with 6 people, and went down some awesome level5 rapids.We onlyfell oiff once. Our guide was the best, and he let us swim where it was safe and even down a level 2 one we drifted down.It’s hard to describe but basically – awesome! If anyone isin zimbabwe and wants toraftdownthe zambezi – let me know!
The bungee jump was pretty amazing too. It was onlya 110m drop but a friend video-ed it for me and it will be put up when i get back.
So then we got the new people who are all really nice, and we went into Zambia.I can’t say i’vegotten to know zambia well at all, because all we really did was drive through it, which is a bit of a shame.
Then Malawi. The transition from Southern Africa into Eastern Africa wasreally noticeable i found, because the roads were very well done compared to before,and mainlythat everyone had brick houses!They make their own bricks from the soil so even the poorer people have sturdy houses. And it was also very green!
I was possibly going to dive in lake malawi but we didn’t haven enough time. I saw in it anyway (and bought thepraziquantel) and it’s gorgeous!! We stayed at 3 different camp sites along the lake and every place was beautiful (Senga bay, chintechete and chitimba). The last day at the last place was torture though because we decidedto do the optional excursion to do a hike up a mountain. We were told it would be 4 hours, and we wanted to get outofthe heat (you sweat there by 8.30am) sowe left at 4 inthe morning.
We got back to camp at noon!!! This waslike 4 days ago and my shins still hurt. Probably the 2nd worst 8 hours of my life and there’sno sense of achievement. The interesting thing was that at the top though there’sthis viollage called livingstonia and it has some clear remnants of colonialism in the houses as well as strangel;y enough having a university and a technical college!
Oh well,we’re in tanzania now, the air is so much colder here than malawi and strangely enough there’s pine trees nexttopalm trees!! Zanzibar (where i am now)is so humid, it’s unbelievable.

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