We have now reached Nairobi and said goodbye to the driver and cook of the trip, as they will most likely not be joining for the last few days.
Tanzania was pretty cool; a very big change from Malawi in that quite a few parts are high up so despite the heat there’s a very cool breeze. And it’s so weird to see evergreen trees next to palm trees!
But the peolpe are so friendlY! They would come up and talk to you saying ‘jambo’ (hello) and when they say mambo (hows things) and you’re able to say ‘poa’ (cool) back they love you!
The first place we stayed at was slightly chilly but had steamy hot showers and was famous for its amarula hot chocolates. Personally, i wasn’t the biggest fan but others liked it! Then we moved on to dar, which possibly has the worst traffic in the world! It took us 3 hours to get out of it one day. It’s pretty smelly and very busy, but i didn’t have any time to really explore it, which is a shame.
The next day we went to Zanzibar! Which was AWESOME! i’d highly recommend it to anyone. It’s a small island but so fun! Stone Town is the capital, and its really safe just walking around the streets. I went to the food market, which was pretty insane, and there’s this alley that at night becomes this food alley where they sell all sorts of meats, this nice cane juice and ‘zanzibar pancakes’ which are basically fried dough with mince in them of banana and chocolate. And so cheap! The panckes are good, and i had soem shark too which was intersting but not my favorite…
We then went up north to this place called nungwi for some beach action and i finally went diving!! It wasn’t cheap, but it was so cool! We went on this dhow, which is a traditional fishing boat, and saw lots of pretty fish. You also get some sharks there and turtles and octopi and even humpback whales but we didn’t see any of them. We did see dolphins though… one of the highlights of the trip!
After that we had the longest drive to Arusha in the north, where we departed for the Ngorongoro/Serengeti. It was a 3-day trip and so cooL! I really want to watch the lion king now. We saw lots of buffaloes and hyenas and wildebeest and quitre a few lions including the CUTEST little lion (simba in swahili) cubs that were like 2 weeks old, as well as some cheetah cubs and 2 male cheetahs (called duma in swahili) hunting. No jaguars (chewi in swahili) which was shame. But the lions cubs were SO cute!!
And that was basically the end of teh trip. Tomorrow we depart on a 3-ady masai mara trip and that will be africa for me! Exciting!
Nairobi is really built up, quite nice, but there’s not a whole lot to do here…
At least i filled up time writing this!

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