So, after a hectic few days both at home in belgium and back in london during and after graduation, i’m now back in the sun, but in Australia this time!
It’s a massive change from what i’m used to – for the past 3 years i’ve gone to developing countries, and now to be somewhere quite like home!
Sydney is quite cool, though i’ve only had a 2 days there, and 1 was trying to kick jetlag, so i was forcing myself to go shopping to stay awake… i’m not complaining of course but it didn’t work completely! However i got over it in 1 night and after headed up to cairns. It’s not very exciting here, reminds me a bit of florida actually, but a day later and i was on a boat in the barrier reef! and this is how amazing it was:
snorkelling (between dives) i see a barracuda swim past, look down and there’s a blue-spotted stingray, look up and there’s a pipefish, look down and there’s a white-tipped reef shark! all within like 15 minutes. It’s pretty amazing. The biggest parrotfish you’ve ever seen along with some more sharks, including some that i dived with at night, turtles, cuttlefish, huge maori wrasse and at night giant trevallis. a-mazing. definitely do it!
I met some cool people, one whom i might go travelling with further for another 2 days. tomorrow: cape tribulation and the daintree reserve. woop woop!

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