Finished with the coast

As nice as it’s been on the coast and the beaches and everything (i can’t believe i’m actually saying that!) i’m ready to move on to see a different australia!
My days around brisbane were pretty rainy.
The people i stayed with lived in tweed heads, which is just over the new south wales border, and the whole of the next day it rained. Then i made my way back up to brisbane and went to this excellent exhibit called game-on where you can play your way through the history of video games. Of course i spent most of my time playing mario on the SNES, probably one of the best games ever! But it was great for anyone who grew up with video games, they had the original space invaders and doom and a heap of older games, and then they had a wii too as well as guitar hero and stuff. They even had this japanese dating game!! but it was very fun.
I then stayed with someone, also met in africa, who lives in this really nice apartment in the suburbs, with a beautiful garden.
Went to see the new bond film the next day, came out here on the 19th, and was slightly disappointed – too much close-range action and not really a great story line.
The next day i just hung around again and went to the natural history museum and then stayed with some other people, again that i’d met in africa. So all in all it was great seeing those people again! BUt that night, constant lightning, i’m not kidding! these storms have been pretty insane.
Then i went on to coolangatta, which is just north of the border between queensland and new south wales and took 2 surfing lessons! Really damaged my toe on the 2nd one, and it’s proper hard, but i would like to do it some more. Met these nice norwegian girls who surfed both days. Coolangatta was really nice, it’s obviously beachy but it’s not too commercial yet, and there’s quite a few locals there. Maybe my favorite place along the coast so far!
Am now in byron bay. Just hiked up to the lighthouse for sunrise (yep, got up at 4.45!) and then to the most easterly point of the australian mainland… good exercise i tell ya!
Off to adelaide tomorrow after an overnight bus ride…yay!

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