Good times!

I have decided i really like south australia! (i always want to write south africa whenever i see SA). There’s a lot more to do than the coast – i had a good time, but i’ve learnt from my mistakes.
Adelaide is ok, but around there there’s beaches and lots of wildlife (the supposedly good kangaroo island does make your wallet a little lighter though!) and there’s lots and lots of vineyards (barossa and mclaren are only the beginning!) and there’s supposed to be stunning outback up in the north – you get places like coober pedy (i’ll mention it later), the flinders ranges (where you get stunning views from wilpena pound, good hike though and in this heat not really recommended) and lake eyre (massive dried-out salt lake).

However i only have 6 days here! that and i don’t have a car or driver’s license to rent one, which limits me slightly.
I was originally going to go to coober pedy but this german girl in my room said (about 3000 times) DON’T GO TO COOBER PEDY (an underground opal-mine place)! there’s nothing to do there, and when thinking about it, it wasn’t really worth the $170 24-hour return bus ride! so i spent an extra few days doing nothing in adelaide!
I can’t really say a lot of eventful things have happened, the highlight probably being hahndorf, which is this german village just south of adelaide. it’s beautiful, the people are really friendly, and because it’s in the adelaide hills, there’s lots of wineries there! i only went to one though. Also cool about it is that they’re into the fine foods thing, so lots of delicatessen there! Including thsi one yummy herbed goat cheese.

It’s crazy, to be honest i never thought that i would want enjoy the smell of cows (quite pretty ones at that!)and agriculture as much! seems like i really needed to get away from the coast and experience the different scenery. I think i’m just too restless at the moment, it’s a very laid-back country and it’s not like there’s tons of culture to see, so at the coast mainly people would go surfing and that’s a day done whereas i like to move from place to place more, or pack more into my days… definitely a learning curve to relax more and think that it’ll be ok!

Also went to see Australia yesterday – one i’d recommend! I wasn’t too keen on it at the beginning, but then it turns into a good movie. Not the kind of australian experience i’m having though, with the whole lack of outback thing and all!

Off to the barossa tomrrow – one of the reasons i came here! I have 2 nights and will be biking around yay! and then after i’ll probably spend a day biking around the coast (called the fleurieu peninsula) and then new zealand! exctigin!

love love

p.s. pictures continuously updated

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