In New Zealand

The Barossa valley was great!! Though i felt really handicapped without a car.
I stayed in a village called Angaston, which was nice and small, and the night i arrived they had this christmas parade, whcih was fun, all the people from the village joined in, kids were dressed up as presents, santa drove on a car with a pumpkin next to him (as you do!)…
then i went to the farmer’s market, but because it was a weekday the only type of public transport (a dial-a-ride service) wasn’t operating, so i had to get a taxi which left me $30 out of pocket… but i got my bike and went driving around.
The first place i went to was turkey flats, nice and small (maybe because it was morning!) and i had my first sparkling red wine – something invented by the aussies as they don’t want a heavy red on their hot christmases with the turkey dinner! it wasn’t too bad though, i quite enjoyed them. also loved the desert wine, and they had a nice red. Much of their whites here are rieslings, which i’ve not tried before – all new experiences!
then off to peter lehmans, but that was too big, and then to this other one called richmond grove – and after this i really needed some food to be able to bike straight! Seriously, they give big glasses here!
Cockatoo ridge next, not very impressed, and then penfolds (again really commercial) and then back to rest! Actually, i was so unfit that i spent the rest of the evening watching movies in bed because my legs were hurting.
The next day i went to jacob’s creek which, despite it being huge, i really enjoyed. they had a really nice shiraz, as well as an excellent sparkling red and desert wine – the latter was more fresh than sweet so i’m presuming quite a lot of people would like it!

I was going to go biking the next day, but after two days’ heavy biking around the barossa on a rental bike my ass hurt too much! So i went to a place called mount lofty – the second highest point in south australia next to wilpena pound in the flinders range apparently! And then relaxed and used the state library’s free internet!

For those who didn’t know yet – my plans changed! I decided to go to new zealand early as my friend cancelled on my, so i’d be with people i know for christmas and new years in australia! I got here 2 days ago (into Auckland and then a bus down to wellington) and will be here till the 23rd. Scenery looked really good – lots of green rollling hills and lake taupo looks amazing! I’m really looking forward to the 134m bungy jump in queenstown, no matter how expensive!
I’m staying with a friend that i met at Imperial (Ian) and will be in wellington till probably monday when i go to south island.

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