4 days of NZ left…

Queenstown was really small for what i thought it would be, seeing as it’s pretty much the adventure capital of new zealand, and definitely the party capital! People pretty much go there to party every night.

The bungy was good, not as exciting as the first one, i have to say, maybe because i was used to it, or maybe because it was gentler… But i’m glad i did it anyway! boughyt a dvd of it…
Milford sounds was pretty cool too, the boat itself through the sounds not as much but the scenery on the way was stunning!!! All these snow-capped mountains and glaciers, it’s so beautiful! Not much in terms of a decent town there but then again that might be part of the attraction.
In Queenstown i got to know some aussies of the bus better, as well as this german and finnish girl, and i decided to go to dunedin with the former 2.

Dunedin was way bigger than i thought! I think it’s the 2nd biggest city in the south, mainly because of its prestigious university. It’s ok, and we went to the beach which was still cold but it definitely had some good surf. I reckon in summer the town’s not so bad! Winter may be slightly more depressing though.
Then onto my new favorite place in the world: Lake Tekapo. The lake is the most beautiful greeny-blue surrounded by hills and a snow-capped mountain in the back. STUNNING! a week there doing nothing, biking here and there, maybe one or two hikes would’ve been ideal. We (i.e. me, the german girl anna and the 4 aussies) rented some bikes for an hour and then soaked in the hot pools – not too shabby!
Then the next day off to christchurch and a goodbye to the aussies. Christchurch is really nice (i thought!) it has a nice big park and some nice pedestrian-ised streets, and clearly is o9lder. It also has some punting too – which adds to the romantic feel of the city! However, i didn’t have much time there, and to make it through the circuit in time for my flight means one stop at each place.

Alone off to Kaikoura was slightly more depressing. The only real reason to go to kaikoura is to see the dolphins or whales, but as money is currently in short supply i skipped it. To be honest, i needed the rest.
Then a short stopover in wellington and i am currently in Napier, which is north-east of wellington. it’s known for its art deco (built up after all destroyed by 1931 earthquake) and there’s lots of wineries but i didn’t have any chance to visit any of them.

Next stop: Lake Taupo!

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