Away from Japan!

Since last time I wrote I made a little escape away from Japan.
To be honest, it was wonderful for more than just the obvious reasons.
I had a great time this summer, traveling around Japan, talking to randomers and hanging out with my brother and then my dad but school started again on the 2nd, and the kids were doing the usual, or more than usual, giggling at things that i do, saying ‘kawaii’ (cute) with every little thing i do etc. And it was really getting to me. I felt like i was on display in a museum, or just constantly being watched… It’s hard because not many people will have such an intense experience as there aren’t too many countries that are as homogenous as Japan.
Though i do understand how many e.g. asians feel who come to live in the west, wanting little bits of home every so often… doing things that are familiar to you (that’s why so many westerners frequent the few british pubs here around nagoya!).

So school was on its way again, and I was able to go away for a weekend to dad and Anne’s wedding! They held it in Prague and it was beautiful! we had excellent weather for it and it was great seeing my fmaily together again and my friend.
The day itself is one for modelling others on! It was very well organized, and thought-out.
We were picked up on an old tram with champagne and accordion accompaniment. Thne there was the ceremony in a chapel, but it was not a religious ceremony. We were ablet o go up to the top of the astronomical tower, with stunning views of prague, and where i took my favorite photo of that weekend. After, there was a little trip on teh river with bites to eat and a cool little jazz quartet consisting of a banjo, cello, trumpet and saxophone, and then the reception was held at this palace with beautiful food and wine and the cake was amazing, the Dj was a bit shit but we still enjoyed ourselves!

The next day, hangover galore. Though i still saw a little bit of prague with my brothers and their girlfriends, and that was the end of my wizz trip! was very sad to leave, but i really hope to be able to have another good weekend or longer with all of them in the near future…
Now back to the schools and the stares here in Japan!

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