Getting ready for the next adventure

Not too much outside the ordinary meeting with friends stuff is happening here, as I get ready to move out and leave Japan with a heavy heart. Whenever I think of what awaits me (though most of the time it’s hard to wrap my head around all the change happening soon!) I get excited again. This current job is not something I want to be stuck doing for too long and being able to immerse myself in photography will be a great challenge, something I’ve felt a great lacking of at this job.

I have finally set dates: on the 27th of March i’m heading up to Tokyo for a month, trying to get some part-time work here and there, and then just before ‘golden week’ i plan on hopping on a flight to Hong Kong to stay with a friend there before flying back home on the 2nd of May.

Was going to go to the middle-east (Jordan, Syria, Lebanon) but as it’s not the most ideal time to go that way, I’m looking into some volunteering options here and there – any suggestions more than welcome!

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