Japan earthquake – small update

Ishinomaki stopped clock

A short update,
They have now adjusted the magnitude of the earthquake to 9, as it seems 3 earthquakes of magnitude of 3 occurred at the same time. They are saying that there’s a 70% chance of magnitude 7 aftershocks within the next month, as there’s a part of the plate further down from the current fault split that has energy left over in it. This means closer to Tokyo, and down south…

Current figures are about 1600 deaths reported, and another 2000 missing. The outlook for the people in Minamisanriku is looking more and more dire, and it feels like everyone is starting to accept that most of the 10,000 there missing are dead.

The government is reluctant to send volunteers to the area as there are frequent alarm calls about possible tsunamis approaching.

In relation to the nuclear power plants – they’ve tried to flood the two (Fukushima Daiichi reactors 1 and 3) with sea water, but no news yet if that has been successful in any way. There was another warning from a power plant but they claim that the amount of radiation is decreasing again. They have admitted a possibility of a hydrogen explosion there too, but claim the reactors casing will hold. There has been some deformation of the nuclear elements.

Watching the news, i can’t help but those pictures of hiroshima after the atom bomb coming to mind.

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