Definitive cancellation of middle-east plans

Due to the escalating situation in Syria, I have now decided to completely abandon my travel plans for the middle-east for the time being.
I am sure that many of you will be happy to hear that! (for safety concerns of course)

Developments in Japan are that the disaster region’s death toll keep rising – there are now over 15000 deaths & unaccounted for. A number I’d never expected to see a few days ago. Other than the rising death toll, there’s no other major changes – still aftershocks of just under 6. With the weather being so extreme (cold that is) there was worry of an unexpected power outage due to people using too much energy to keep their houses warm etc. And now weather forecasts are saying up to 17 degrees again on Saturday.

With the situation at the power plant foreigners continue to flee the country, partly on their own account and partly because the embassy recommends them to do so. Most of the people I know though are remaining extremely cool about it, which is the way it should be, and we even like the fact that now more jobs are opening up to those not so cowardly!
The power plants are still not in a state of recovery yet, but the Japanese have been working hard at fixing a power line, and they are currently saying they expect it to be running by tomorrow to reactor 1. This doesn’t mean the immediate danger is over, but at least water pumping may be resumed in part, which would help calm things down significantly. Still, no noteworthy changes in radiation level have been noticed, both by independent persons and from government measurements.

That is all the news i have to say at this late hour.
I, on the other hand, have been very distracted getting ready to move, and have started my goodbyes as of tonight.

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