Data representation

I’ve been chatting to friends a lot recently about books, and how much a paper copy of a book is much more enjoyable than digital – the feel of it, the smell, and generally easier on the eyes I’d say. And that then got me thinking about information, and how vitally important it is to display information accessibly. Now and in the future, our attention spans are getting shorter because we get so used to getting things visually rather than pure words – in comes the ebook and apps that merge traditional media with new interactivity to create something that is more entertaining than ever before. A great example of an app that tests out book format with digital media is Richard Dawkins’ app “The Magic of Reality” – check out a trailer for it here.

And this is also where I think new infographics do a brilliant job of making information and stats entertaining to read in their designs.

What's in your rubbish

“What’s in your rubbish” infographic promoting landfill separation

How mobile technology is changing travel

“How mobile technology is changing travel infographic” by My Destination

I recently finished putting together a newsletter for Asivesca, a charity in Guatemala, and I tried my best to make it ‘fun’ like infographics are, but professional at the same time, as you want to as some sense of seriousness to it. I don’t know if it worked, love to hear your opinion:

Asivesca newsletter 2012

Asivesca newsletter exerpt from 2012

I'd like to know your opinion too

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