Snow day in Bristol!

Just thought I’d post a quick few photos from this morning around Bristol.

After lots of hoping, and disbelief yesterday upon hearing the news forecast, it snowed this morning, and quite heavily at that!
After some hesitation I decided to head out with the camera.
I was headed for Ashton Court Estate at 08:00, and upon crossing the bridge was welcomed to this sight of the Avon Gorge in full snow coverage (and before the roads started turning to slush).

Avon Gorge snow panorama

Avon Gorge at 8.15 this morning

Then the winds hit, which albeit not quite pleasant, didn’t make much difference to the outside temperature. It was still quiet at Ashton Court, and lots of the snow was pristine.
However, shortly upon arrival the warden said they were closing the park due to sledgers and people bothering the deer. How right they were, because by the time I was walking away, the crowds of families who had stayed in from work were descending upon the slopes of Ashton Court.

The lonely tree

Tree at Ashton Court Estate

A final stroll through Leigh Woods allowed me to take at least some shots of some little robins against the snow.

Robin playing in the snow

What are you looking at?

Robin perched on a branch

I’m cold!

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