That tree.

After having had a brilliant week last week with my gallery going up, I feel this week has been a bit less eventful, and as a result I’m struggling to find something that will inspire a blog post out of me this week. As my blog isn’t exclusively about photography, wildlife or travel, it means I have a wide range of choices to write about, but at the same time I’m not feeling like I can convincingly write about any of those at this particular moment.

So I’d like to draw your attention to something I have found exceptionally inspiring this week: a project by a photographer called ‘that tree’. Originally a photojournalist Mark Hirsch took on the challenge of using his iphone every day for a year to take a photo of a lonely tree he used to pass by regularly.
What I like about it is not that it is just a pseudo-timelapse project. He tries to take a different style of picture every day, with something as simple as an iphone. Talk about going back to basics (though iphone cameras are unbelievably powerful). He’s managed to take some shots that I think are powerful on their own, let alone as a group project. And he has stretched his creativity in every which way possible (especially considering he’s not a landscape photographer!).

Making your living as a reputable photographer is not just about skill and technique, it’s about creativity. Going back to the same spot is a great way to train yourself, but the problem with wildlife is that – while you’re more likely to get the shot you want, you’re also going to have a lot of days where nothing happens. Its unpredictability means you can shoot in the moment rather than trying out lots of different techniques.

So why not pick out something static and train up your imagination with your own tree? (or plant, building or place!)

Saromako, Japan

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