Imagine a nature documentary, where you are confronted with the vast expanse by aerials, where you can see the horizons miles upon miles in the distance over the vast plains. Now imagine that shot zooming in over an animal running fast, a cheetah or a zebra for example. You keep zooming in and in until you are eye to with that zebra, on ground level. Now put the opening image and the final image next to each other – wide/tight. Welcome to my current state of mind.

Sunrise over Bristol harbour

My relationship with the UK has always been an unusual one, one of love/tolerance. I love it because my brothers and many of friends are here. There’s no other place to be at this moment in time in my career either – and out of all places Bristol’s not a shabby one either. Because of those reasons I tolerate it when I’m not seeing those close friends, family or in my time off. I have come to accept that my future is inexorably linked with the UK and have in the past made a conscious effort to fall in love with its nature and wildlife.

Severn Beach sunset

However, there’s something that suits me about being in a foreign country where I’m constantly learning new things and in new environments, I feel free. Obviously coming back from a month away and getting back into my old routine has been really tough on me. A week in, and I’m slowly getting back into pace, working on falling in love with it all over again. If weekends like last weekend persist, it might not be so hard after all.


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