Second shoot in Japan

So I’m back in Japan for a second time this year for my second shoot.


I’m at the exact opposite end of the country – might as well be in Taiwan here in Yonaguni, so packing has been a completely different deal – brought some long trousers, board shorts and green shorts along with short sleeves and long sleeves, and flip flops trainers and hiking boots. Not quite sure what to expect weather-wise other than that it’ll be around 25 most days and we’ll have both lightning storms and sunshine.

image_3 image_1

We were off to a bad start, doing another 12-hour flight was slight torture, but at least a sleepless night meant catching up on 4 really good films on the plain including philomena, 12 years a slave, the hobbit and the book thief. On arrival in drizzly Tokyo I took a nap and felt the bed shaking slightly. I was convinced I was going insane at this point but true to form there were 3 registered magnitude 3 earthquakes in Ibaraki just north of Tokyo.


Finished the day with the slightly disgusting evening meal that included some firefly squid. The squishiness in the beginning was ok, but then you felt the hardness of the eye as you bit down, and it was very slippery it was hard to chew! This is going to be a good one.


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