Bluebell woods in May again

This blog post is far overdue! It being the 15th of May now and I’m not actually in the country at the moment to find out how the bluebells are getting on. Have they peaked yet?
When I had a weekend to spare just before getting back on a 12-hour flight I decided to join the mass of British wildlife photographers to hide down in the bushes in awkward positions to take some stills of these lovely flowers, most of which are actually an invasive species!

I’m not the greatest at floral photography, and I decided to try something different this year, focussing on my 50mm prime lens so that I could play with the bokeh effect the large open aperture at f/1.4 would give, and other shapes and lines beyond the bokeh too!

Bluebell Bokeh

Bluebell outlines Bluebell silhouette Bluebell backlit

Additionally, because i was shooting at such a wide aperture, the light lasted for much longer than expected, and I was even able to grab this shot as the sun had dipped beneath the horizon.


The next day I went somewhere else, and had far less directional light. It was a cloudy day, with occasional bursts of sun. I was still hesitant to get my flash unit out, because I didn’t like what it did to the image, but I also used my wideangle for a bit of fern action. The white light almost make the bluebells appear as if they’re taken in the studio, but I almost prefer the less-saturated look that gives to the image.

Bluebell low angleWideangle bluebellsBluebells and ferns

And this one is my personal favourite, currently the features photo of may on my website:Bluebell EdR photo of the month

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