Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8

A quick hi from me – I have been busy with things lately but in preparation for a weekend trip to the Lake District I have recently acquired a new Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens. I was umming and arring about it for a while, partly because it’s one of the pricier lenses on the wideangle market but I decided that as I want to upgrade to a full-frame body some day, I might as well invest in a full-frame lens rather than the 11-16mm tamron, which was probably my other lens of choice.

It’s quite the beast at nearly a kilo just for the lens, so before buying it consider the added weight to your kitbag. Additionally the front lens is extremely convex meaning that traditional screw-on filters won’t work on them – you would need to acquire a separate matt box for 6×6 filters. This was another reason of mine why I was hesitant about the lens, but you can get very decent cheap chinese ones these days to hold the fort before investing a lot of money in a Lee system or the like. As well as sharpening up your post-processing skills.

Clevedon Pill sunset

I tested it out last week on a brief evening visit to the Clevedon pill, not too far from Bristol. Only took a few snaps with it but it’s a beautiful thing – there is hardly any aberration on the edges, which is something I noticed heavily towards the 10mm end of the 10-20mm sigma lens. My main reason for ditching my 17-70mm sigma was that I felt it performs great as a pseudo-macro lens, but the sharpness declines when you have distant subjects. And the sharpness of this lens is absolutely stunning! I am so impressed with how this lens delivers and would highly recommend it to anyone with the cash in their pockets.

I’m really looking forward to testing it out more in Cumbria. Will write back with more opinions later!


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