EdR portrait

Did you know that most people blogging (successfully) out there, especially when it comes to traveling, have no personal experience about what they write? What you’re reading is basically a personal review of several other reviews of a thing, country, fact.

So here I am, amateur photographer and experienced traveller, posting about the things I find interesting, relaying them to my personal experiences and trying to make a name for myself. All photos are my own. If you would like to know more about my work, have a look at my website (EdR photography). I’m also in the process of developing a biannual interactive newsletter. Stay posted!


Favourite destinations (so far):

  • Off-the-beaten-track = Myanmar (make sure you know your politics and how to avoid paying money to the junta)
  • Diving = Indonesia
  • Culture = Japan (I lived there so I’m biased)
  • History = Cambodia
  • Scenery = New Zealand
  • Wildlife = Borneo, Namibia
  • People = Nicaragua

Camera: I use a Nikon, but I have respect for and a desire to buy several canon lenses (e.g. MPE-65).

Favourite animal: red pandas are too cute, but cheetahs are the most elegant (if only they weren’t so cowardly)

Dream destination: British Columbia in Canada